Bricks & Mortar // New Shop

We are really excited to announce that you can now visit us in person on Anglesey! The Fat Pig Farm has expanded to an artisan farm shop selling our own Fat Pig Farm pork. Not only that, we have utilised the fruits and vegetables that we grow on our farm in some great jams, ketchup and chutneys. We've also brought some other local producers along for the ride and are showcasing our favourites from their product ranges.

Our expanded product range, including that of other local producers will be available online soon, though some ranges will available exclusively through visiting the shop.

For the time being - now that the shop is open - we will be pausing our local delivery service. Demand for our pork based produce has gone through the roof, especially since we partnered up with Moch a Mor!

Thank you for your continued support.

The Fat Pig Team x

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