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The Fat Pig Farm, Anglesey. Outdoor reared pork products delivered nationally from the farm in North Wales.

All at The Fat Pig Farm take pride in the quality of the produce, from hand rearing the animals, to growing crops, to butchery. The origin of the farm was as a marketgarden, growing vegetables for the neighboroughing restaurant. The pigs were utilised as natural tractors, helping to turn over earth and add to the organic matter giving nutrients back in the soil.

The outdoor reared pork became a focal point of the menu and the rearing of the pigs has been regulary tweaked to prioritise taste. Time and time again the flavour, the consistency, the success came down to the natural fat contained in the meat.

Natural fat is the focal point of the cooking process of pork, it protects the meat, it adds flavour and contains valuable nutrients. It's so vital to our product that the pigs are reared over a longer period of time, allowing them to mature naturally, encouraging the fat content which is such a feature of our product.

The market garden remains a big part of the farm, seasonal fruit and vegetables are available throughout the year. The practices of The Fat Pig Farm are continually evolving and improving and the welfare of our animals always at heart.